14″ Crude Line Support Wraps

Client: Sapref

Problem Summary


Anomaly Description:

The 14” Crude line that supplys to the refinery was inspected and noted that severe external pitting corrosion was found on the contact areas where the pipe meets the concrete sleepers. 178 support sections where identified with 27 that had major wall thinning. Major findings had wall losses of approximately 70percent.
2,7mm wall left from an original 9,52mm

Root causes:

Improper design of sleeper support without any sacrifical wear material, for example a metal wear pad. The pipe sits directly on a 20mm diameter round bar and with vibration and movement of the pipeline over the years it has started eating away at the localised spots where the pipe meets the roundbar.

Integrity concerns:

Further deterioration could lead to possiblle leaks on the pipeline. The pipeline is the crude oil supply to the refinery wich could result in major downtime, fire and environmental hazards. Major findings it is reported that the line is operating at below the design minimum thickness due to design pressure.

Technical Details

Line Size:
Design Pressure:
Operating Pressure:
Design Temperature:
Operating Temperature:
Line Class:
SA-106 Gr B
14in 3

The Beruseal Solution


Beruseal engineered a diamond wrap composite repair according to ASME PCC2 to restore the pipeline wall thickness back to its original specification and enable it to operate at full design conditions. Out of the 178 supports Beruseal wrapped a total of 27 sections that where below the pipelines T-min.
the remaining supports where fitted with a sacraficial steel wearpad and bonded with a steel epoxy putty. In either the repairs the focus was on removing the possibility of further external corrosion. in order for the repair to be implemented Beruseal worked in conjunction with a jacking company that specialises in the simultaneos jacking of a pipeline on multiple supports. the line was lifted 50mm off the support wich allowed Beruseal to do surface preperation to a bare metal finish to get a good bond of epoxy to the pipe material.

14in 2
14in 5
14in 6

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