Beruseal Case Studies

14" Elbow Diamond Wrap with Strongback

Client reported a leak of flexorb. The external inspection found the leak though a hole with a diameter less than 1mm on the piping straight section 40 mm wide within HAZ of the flange connection attachment weld.

4" T-Piece with Flange Nozzle

Complete seperation of a 2'' branch on a 4'' header due to extreme corrosion underground.

Crude Oil leaks on numerous 4" Ball Valves

Numerous 4'' ball drain valves situated underneath an HP oil separator vessel sustained leaks on the neck of the valve body.

3" Double Valve Enclosure

Underground piping was inspected and it was found that two valves in close proximity to each other had extensive corrosion on the body and bolting. The remaining wall thicknesses of piping between the valves was also below thickness specification.

2" Valve Flange Strongback

An H2S leak was found on the body flange of a 2'' Double block and bleed valve, H2S was bypassing the gasket and leaking through the bolt holes.

2" Valve Enclosure

Steam leak from the glands and bonnet of a very old valve.

3/4" T-Piece Clamp with Strongback

A steam leak was discovered from welding on the T-Piece.

Pre-heater Flange Clamp

A small leak was detected on the body flange of a vessel. The gasket and studs are over 20 years old. The existing studs were corroded and could not be re-tightened. The existing sheet gasket is completely confined and can withstand a higher compression gasket load.

Mixed Sour Gas Manifold-Weld-O-Let Cracks

Axial orientated cracks were found in one butt weld and one fillet weld on a 2” pipe with RT on a Mixing Manifold.

Partially Submerged 26” Riser Repair

The Riser had a slight leak and was deformed. Numerous attempts were made by different vendors to repair damage to a platform riser by means of composite repair systems. The repairs however were unsuccessful. Beruseal was called upon to perform on-line leak sealing.

Failed Gasket on Heat Exchanger

H2S gas leaking from Heat exchanger shell flange, Bolts were unsuccessfully re-tensioned in an attempt to eliminate leakage.

Large through-wall defect on a 36” Sulphur Degassing Unit

Visual inspection found through-wall damage on a section of the line. Damage was located near tie-in 6” nozzle attachment weld of exhaust gasses line from Sulfur Degassing Unit. In accordance with inspection results, wall residual thickness in the area of damage was ≈4.7mm, in the adjacent areas. Т-min was 5.0mm, the nominal thickness was 7.9 mm. Wall residual thickness of 6” nozzle was 5.8mm, the nominal thickness was 7.11 mm.

38" Boiler Flange Clamp

A leak occurred in the connection of 38'' piping attached to a reactor furnace burner. It was leaking hazardous H2S gas through both bolt holes and the flange mating surface.

3/4" T-Piece Enclosure and Restraint

Through hole found in T-piece welding resulting in steam leak, a polymer compound was injected into a sealing groove to avoid sealant entering the line through the defect, and a safe and succesfull repair was implemented that allowed the client to operate at full capacity untill the next planned shutdown.

3/4" Clamp Enclosure

A leak was detected on an old clamp. And a shutdown for replacing the line and removing the clamp was not possible.

Flange Surface Clamp

A leak has been detected on the body flange of a vessel during gas regeneration process. The Vessel flanges had a diameter of 2700mm.


14" Crude Line Support Wraps

The 14'' Crude line that supplys to the refinery was inspected and noted that severe external pitting corrosion was found on the contact areas where the pipe meets the concrete sleepers. 178 support sections where identified with 27 that had major wall thinning. Major findings had wall losses of approximately 70percent.
2,7mm wall left from an original 9,52mm

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