We’ve always believed on -line leak sealing & repair can be done better.

The pressures of minimising asset downtime and maintaining high safety and ethical standards is a reality of the world we operate in.

We believe in these values and strive for zero compromise.


Our Story

The Beruseal journey began in 2005, and has been challenging and inspiring. Our clients and competitors are large and are sometimes entrenched in practices and organisational cultures that are counter-productive. We've made sure the people in our organisation are committed & driven to guide our industry towards a fresh and enriched perspective of safe, effective and innovative operations.

As technology improves, our vision of achieving the unimaginable has become a reality. We have established ourselves as sought-after on-line leak-sealing firm that engineers smarter, innovative and more effective products.

This enables our clients to perform in-house leak-sealing as well as allowing our own technicians and engineers to operate quickly and safely on site. Repairs are often done in hazardous, remote-working environments and we are proud to announce that our on-site installations remain 100% injury free.

We believe that this is not only because of our vast knowledge and experience in the field, or because we ensure our products are field tested and safe, but also that our training and staff are of the highest calibre who believe in our core values of safety, quality and integrity.

As an internationally emerging company with presence in the Middle East, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa, Beruseal is passionate about partnering with organisations that believe in doing things the right way. By continually evolving and innovating, we are confident our products and services will empower the industry to maintain reliability whilst restoring integrity, the Beruseal way.

Beruseal On-Line Leak Sealing

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  • On-site repairs for maximum up-time productivity
  • Improved Safety by reducing noise & emissions
  • Equipment Integrity with international support & custom engineering

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