Partially Submerged 26” Riser Repair

Problem Summary


Anomaly Description:
The riser had a slight leak and was deformed. Numerous attempts were made by different vendors to repair damage to a platform riser by means of composite repair systems. The repairs however were unsuccessful. Beruseal was called upon to perform on-line leak sealing.

Root causes:
Riser damage.

Integrity concerns:
There was a high risk of pollution.

Technical Details

Line Diameter:
Design Pressure:
Operating Pressure:
Operating Temperature:
740 PSI
66.7 BAR
On-line leak sealing
On-Line Leak Sealing

The Beruseal Solution


Clamp Design:
A very intricate design had to be created due to the fact the riser had been submerged and diver support was required during the live installation. The on-line leak-sealing clamp was designed with large tolerances to enable divers to install the encapsulation in breaker water. A large mechanical seal was designed for the bottom of the riser encapsulation to ensure a seal over the very rough riser surface caused by marine growth as well as the ovality of the riser. The riser encapsulation also needed to be well supported to the platform itself which meant that precision measuring and designing was required.

The encapsulation had a combination of sealing systems: sealing groove on flanges, mechanical seal at the bottom bore & resin epoxy filling system. The enclosure was installed, the mechanical seal was activated, the grooves were injected and the encapsulation was sealed to ensure seawater would not enter in the clamp. The encapsulation was dried out and filled with 1.2 Tons of a 2 part epoxy resin which secured the line from deterioration and stabilised the riser. The riser repair was a huge success. Beruseal has done numerous similar on-line leak sealing riser repairs successfully and can boast of 100% successful attempts to date.

On-line Leak Sealing Design
On-Line Leak Sealing Installation
On-Line Leak Sealing Riser repair

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