Save millions on shut downs and pipe line replacement costs..

Revolutionary composite carbon fibre pipe repair wrap that is stronger than steel.

Composite pipe repair wrap - DiamondWrap
composite pipe repair wrap - DiamondWrap
composite pipe repair wrap - DiamondWrap

Composite Rehabilitation Systems


Our composite systems are engineered composite solutions used to restore damaged critical assets to the original design specification of the equipment. The systems are designed to operate up to temperatures of 300 °C with no pressure limitations. These systems can be applied by hand lamination, filament winding or by infusion methods and may be applied to live piping systems without shutting down for the repair. Wrap may be applied to any pipe size, most substrates and almost any piping configuration including tanks, vessels, flanges, and other structural assets.

Wrap repair systems are custom engineered to function in specific site conditions. It provides re-enforcement of the piping in both the axial and hoop directions, and delivers uniform loading throughout the repair. Each repair is engineered using ASME PCC2 or ISO TS 24817 engineering codes for high-risk non-metallic repairs. We have the technology to perform FEA (Finite element analysis) on both the damaged piping systems and the Revowrap composite repair system. The systems are designed and engineered to restore pipeline systems to their original design parameters and allows for the piping systems to operate at its MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) without the need to shut down the plant, unit or system.

Our composite pipe repair applications save time, labour and equipment costs. In most cases there is no plant downtime. Pipes can be wrapped while the line is in service whilst requiring no line evacuation, no welding of pipe, no cutting the pipe, no heavy equipment handling requirements and no volatile compounds on the repair of Corroded Piping Systems.

Typical Industry:

• Offshore Oil Rigs

• Petrochemical Plants

• Refineries

• Fertilizing Companies

• Chemical Plants

• Water Supply


• Paper and Pulp

• Sugar

• Mining

• Energy Plants

• Transmission Pipelines

Typical uses:

• Internal Corrosion

• External Corrosion

• Weld Anomalies

• Mechanical Damage


• Support abrasion on piping systems

• Deteriorated concrete or rebar corrosion

• Aging assets

• Complicated geometries

Technical Features and advantages

• Strongest composite system available in the industry – it is proved stronger than steel.

• 24/7 Engineering and technical support by qualified engineers worldwide.

• Engineered solution with certified compliance and PR eng. Verified design calculations.

• External application without the need to isolate the processes.

• Extend design life of compromised assets.

• Eradicate unforeseen down time.

• Low tech installation requirements.

• Quick non-invasive installation.

• No Pressure limitations.

• Ability to handle complex piping geometries , bends, tee`s, vessels, tanks etc.

• No Hot work required.

• No heavy equipment required.

• Lightweight (No support systems required).

• High temperature resistance.

• High corrosion, acids and chemical resistance.

• Low Odour.

• Fast curing systems.

• High tensile strength and modulus.

• High strength per $ invested.

• Negligible creep.

• Does not mechanically breakdown under UV.

• Trained installers in accordance with ASME PCC2.

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  • On-site composite pipe repairs for maximum up-time productivity
  • Improved Safety by reducing noise & emissions
  • Equipment Integrity with international support & custom engineering

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