Innovative Mechanical Engineering Design Services.

Specialising in Pressure Vessels, we solve complex engineering problems with responsive, high-quality & innovative design engineering solutions.

Mechanical Engineering Design Services
Mechanical Engineering Design Services In-house
Mechanical Engineering Design Services

Mechanical Engineering Design Services that look after your engineering needs


In-house team dedicated to your success

Beruseal has an in-house professional mechanical engineering design consulting team which serves our industry in the application of computer-aided design, drafting, analysis and experimental testing using high end design software and CNC Machining.

We provide a professional and courteous mechanical engineering design that is dedicated to accuracy, consistency and value. We continuously evolve & expand to meet our client requirements and improve on our design deliverables, aiming to treat every client as our only client.

Our Mechanical Engineering Design Solutions

  • High-quality & innovative solutions to complex engineering problems
  • Previous Oil & Gas clients include Chevron Nigeria, Chevron Angola, Chevron Kazakhstan, Exxon Mobil Angola & Total Angola
  • We specialize in Pressure vessel design in accordance with ASME VIII, mechanical engineering & product development
  • Our methodology includes applying engineering mechanics, finite element analysis methods, and/or testing to pressure components
Mechanical Engineering Design Team Beruseal
Pressure Vessel Mechanical Engineering Design Services
Mechanical Engineering Design CNC Machine

The Beruseal Quickseal Range


Our mechanical engineering design team have designed an innovative and effective way of staying on top of your leaks by the development of the Quickseal range. Quickseal systems are designed to reduce the turnaround time it takes to repair a leak that could potentially shut down production.

The Quickseal range is a complete kit and comes with all the required consumables e.g. injection ports, studs & compound and installation procedures. The Quickseal range is modular and can be extended to the desired lengths and come standard with the option to add “off the shelve” strongback systems.

Mechanical Engineering Design Services Quality Control

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  • 24/7 hour standby engineering assistance
  • Rapid prototyping
  • CNC Machining & Fabrication
  • Capable of running parallel projects

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