Reduces the time it takes to repair a leak on your pipeline.

Avoid shutting down production and potentially save millions with Quickseal, our complete on-line leak sealing & repair kit.

On-line leak sealing & repair
On-line leak sealing & repair for pipelines
On-line leak sealing & repair

The ultimate solution for on-line leak sealing & repair in the Oil & Gas Industry


The Quickseal kits are innovative, pre-manufactured & feature variable bore on-line leak sealing & repair enclosures. Quickseal is specifically designed for plants that can't afford down-time to repair steam, chemical, acidic or petroleum leaks. The Quickseal On-Line leak sealing clamps can be installed by trained staff or contractors on-site without the need to call technicians and order equipment, which usually ends up having to be sourced internationally.

Each pipeline repair enclosure is manufactured in accordance with stringent ASME VIII DIV 1 pressure vessel design codes, and are able to service a range of pipe sizes by having a variable bore. They can also be custom-designed for specific plant requirements and customer needs. The units are modular and extendable to cover any desired length of pipe. The Quickseal range also comes standard with the capability to fit off-the-shelf strongback and restraint systems, as and when desired.

The Beruseal Quickseal system also has a unique variable injection system and features both sealing groove and filler enclosures, depending on what may be required. As a complete on-line leak sealing & repair solution, the Quickseal Kit comes with everything you need to complete the job including injection ports, studs, compound and installation procedures.

  • Eliminate leaks during the initial stages, reducing risk of injuries and equipment damage or production loss.
  • Off-the-shelf systems readily available
  • No delays due to design, calculations & fabrication time
  • No design costs
  • A dedicated, experienced and qualified manufacturing team manufacture the enclosures with very strict quality control measures
  • The QCP (Quality Control Pack) documentation is immediately available
  • Enclosures manufactured in accordance with ASME and ISO standards
  • Enclosure can be re-injected and re-sealed unlike other conventional mechanical straps and clamps
  • Avoid plant shut-down, save time & money
  • Technical support available 24/7 from a number of Beruseal consultants

How Our Quickseal Clamps Work

Quickseal systems are designed to reduce the time it takes to repair a leak that could potentially shut down production. The Quickseal range is a complete on-line leak sealing and repair kit and comes with everything you need to get the job done with integrity & reliability.

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  • On-site repairs for maximum up-time productivity
  • Improved Safety by reducing noise & emissions
  • Equipment Integrity with international support & custom engineering

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