Composite repairs & On-Line Leak Sealing

done better.

Minimising Asset Down-Time Safely, Effectively and Reliably

With a 100% injury free service record, Beruseal has helped plants that work under high production volumes dealing with potentially dangerous releases to restore integrity of equipment & piping systems though innovative online leak-sealing techniques safely.


On-site Repairs

Industrial on-line leak sealing repairs are done on-site, non-destructively and without disruption in production.

Improved Safety

Plant safety is improved by reducing noise, emission levels and erosion damage.

Equipment Integrity

Extensive international support and custom engineered products ensure high equipment integrity.


B-BBEE Level 2, ISO 45001:2011, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 3834 P2

On-Line Leak Sealing Case Studies

Manifold On-Line Leak Sealing

Mixed cracks manifold weld-o-let

Axial-orientated cracks were found in one-butt weld and on- fillet weld on a 2” pipe with RT on the Mixing Manifold.

Riser On-Line Leak Sealing

26-inch riser repair

The riser had a leak and was deformed. Failed attempts were made by other vendors to repair the damage.

Gasket On-Line Leak Sealing

Failed Gasket on exchanger

H2S gas leaking from Heat exchanger shell flange. Bolts were unsuccessfully re-tensioned in attempt to eliminate leakage.

On-Line Leak Sealing

Sulphur Degassing Unit

Visual inspection found through-wall damage on a section of the line. Damage was located near a 6" tie in nozzle.

How our Quickseal Clamps work

Quickseal systems are engineered to reduce the turnaround time it takes to repair a leak that could potentially shut down production. The Quickseal range is a complete kit and comes with the required consumables e.g. injection ports, studs & compound and installation procedures.

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